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Photograph of Joseph Graeme Hood (b. 1904)

The life i lived

1809 Upper Water St., looking north-east from Bedford Square

I am a cowboy


I'm the odd one out

Armenian community of Manchuli, China, c. 1919

My yearbook photo

Mergelgroeve in Voerendaal

Reading the text

Harvey W. Wiley conducting experiments in his laboratory


Renato Vega ( Reuniones Politicas y Audiencias 182


air mail image

Climbing up, up, up

Verslunin Edinborg í Hafnarstræti, skreytt vegna konungskomu /  Edinborg store in Hafnarstræti 2-4, decorated in the occasion of the Danish king´s visit, 1907 /

Reykjavík, yeah,…

Atatürk Boulevard, Faculty of Language, History and Geography, İsmet Pasha Girls' Institute, 1940s

Modern, straight…

St. Denis - cave - vieille maison de retraite

I live in a sewer

Group of unidentified COs

Sitting on a log