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Eleição indireta Presidente da República 1985


Troopships, Gaspe Harbour

sink the bismarck

Posse Presidente da República 1985

kkk vo roba tudo

Ethiopian Prayer Book: Page 082

all the languages

Hópur sundkvenna, 1920-1930

japanese girl

Mattie on a hot stove VPL 2276

when we pee a lot

Wilfrid Greenhouse Allt

I can press the…

Wine label, Encore California

Californian wine

Schoenfabriek Jan van Arendonk, Tilburg

Look at this…


Treestumps on the…

Exterior view of the east side of the United States Capitol building, 1868

It's the Capitol

Aderbal Jurema

Some Brazilian guy

Entrance to Chinese joss house, Cairns, 1896.


Hadassah members leaving on an Israel Bonds tour

i am an idot

Dr Francis Henry Vivian Voss

mustache on my face